Want to own and run one of our businesses?

We are looking to work with young changemakers who are passionate about food and believe we should live in a world where no one should go without food. This is not a job application you will not be offered a 9 to 5 job.  You will be offered 75% of the shareholding of the company which you will run, work in, manage, and operate as well as carry your statutory obligations as a company director. You can't change the purpose of the company. The company can be sold after a certain period of time and 15% of the value will be donated to food charities. The company will be able to borrow money with 100% of the shareholder's agreement but not against its fixed assets or IP. You can not engage in any activity that damages the reputation of the company, its affiliates, the brand or your sharehilders.   You must meet the sales targets agreed in your business plan to ensure it can pay its bills, wages, and taxes and meet the 15% of revenue to help fight food hunger  You can of course pay yourself a wage like any company director and you take dividends as its shareholder, you can pass your shares in the company on to members of your family only. You can and we encourage you to allot shares to employees and those who help you build a really successful.