Britain Loves Baking

As the Covid 19 global pandemic took hold, and with increased time at home for all the family, baking has once again taken centre stage in UK family life. 

Britain Loves Baking is an innovative response to these changed circumstances. It allows consumers to access hard to get ingredients and baking inspiration straight to their doors and is well known as the home of family baking. Bakers UK-wide, including many celebrity customers, have enjoyed the company’s baking boxes during previous lockdowns. Now with over 22,00 customers down the country If you are a passionate baker and dream of running your own business why now come and talk to us.

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Kids Love Baking

Kids Love Baking is a new award-winning brand that offers a range of affordable baking kits and courses.. All the kits and boxes come with everything weighed out and measured, so there is no stress and no waste. The only ingredients to be added are a few eggs. No hidden costs or further extras will help buyers budget in these challenging times. The range includes a bread-making kit, a shortbread baking kit, and an oat, fruit & nut biscuit kit.  Prices start at just £3.85 - which is on average 70% cheaper than major online retailers

we are currently looking for a young baker who is passionate about teaching kids to bake and wants to help create a world where no one goes hungry  - if that's you come and talk to us 

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Cakery Wonderland 

Cakery Wonderland is the first business we created and funded with a small loan to test our new Taste Good Does Good business model we started it with £5,000 and it became profitable after 3 months. 2023 is its first year of trading and is projected to turnover £150K. So we can support and help others we took the decision to roll it out in major cities in the UK. We will gift the new others 65% of the business, 10% of its staff and we will retain 25%.

The foodies we support will come and spend time with us in London and together we will work on opening their cakery wonderland within 90 days they will get access to our infrastructure, know-how, and mentorship as if they were right here with us and the business will cover the initial kitchen rental. Together we will create a sustainable business that will always put bread on their table and help other disadvantaged young people bring their big food ideas to life and help create a future where nobody goes hungry..if your a changemaker and baker who wants to make a difference come and talk to us

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Wonderland Events

Wonderland Events is a separate entity from the cakery and is the supplier of choice but it's super focused 3 key growing market segments kids' party catering, and home dining, and one segment that is constant but lacks service, great food, and innovation is the wakes, memorials and celebration of life events market which is estimated to be worth £2.40bn. we have done over 100 so far and by offering a dedicated service offering and tasty food, and drinks packages we have increased the average spend to £40 per person. .We he created a unique and innovative 5-star rated service and we are looking for two new business owners under the same terms and the cakery. This is suited to a more experienced. chef We will cover the first six months of operations and new businesses..
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Cotton Candyland 

At Cotton Candyland, we are on a mission to help fight food poverty by bringing joy, sweetness, and a touch of magic to every event. As the UK's first purpose-driven Candy Floss Hire and Treatstore specialising in unlimited candy floss hire in London, (to start with) and unique handmade Click Heresweet treats we offer an unforgettable experience that will leave your guests craving more. We plan to roll out this sweet little business so if you have what it takes to be the CCA (chief Candy Angel)  Ttjen chat with us...or fill in the  application to become the CEO